Ophiuchus, The Burning Tower and 2012

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Approximately 13,000 years ago the Atlantean's were facing almost identical trials and tribulations as we are today. Their choice: Nuclear Holocaust or human utopia. They were aligning with Ophiuchus - the lost 13th sign of the zodiac - which symbolizes alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, - and the choice of ascension for mankind. There are radioactive isotopes that look like cluster bombs in northern Scandinavia and the northeastern united states that date back to Atlantean times - and many have theorized that this was an ancient nuclear war between the Atlanteans and rival factions - which ultimately resulted in their annihilation.

Hopefully we decide to alter our Doppelgänger history - to rise above such a catastrophe and end the time loop once and for all.

When the book of time turns to blank pages - and the prophets are blocked from viewing the future - It is not written that this will be the end of all things - but a new beginning - A phoenix from the ashes - an opportunity for the human race to write a new book - and fill it's pages with all the beauty of the cosmos. Once and for all - we can claim our rightful position - on the throne of creation - as exploratory citizens of the universe.

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