UFO Investigator Discounts Britain's Roswell

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The man who investigated one of Britain's most famous UFO sightings in the 1980s has spoken about the incident for the first time in three decades.

US Air Force Colonel Conrad was in charge of a military base near Rendlesham forest in Suffolk in 1980 when some of those under his command reported seeing UFOs and strange lights.

One sergeant even later claimed to have touched an alien spaceship.

However, speaking to a leading researcher, Conrad contradicted claims by his deputy and other military officials, saying he saw no evidence of a UFO landing in Rendlesham forest.

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFOs for the MoD, said: "This new development is a bizarre new twist, because while UFO believers and skeptics have always argued about what happened, now the senior US Air Force officers who were there at the time are arguing too".

Rendlesham Incident: US commander speaks for the first time about the 'Suffolk UFO'


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