Jews Jail Attorney for Exposing the Hokeycaust

Sylvia Stolz is the attorney who initially represented Ernst Zundel at his trial in Mannheim Germany. Sylvia was relieved of her mandate as defense counsel for Ernst Zundel and, under protest, was physically carried out of the courtroom. Sylvia Stolz is at present serving a 3½ year prison sentence because she fought against unjust judicial tyranny and restraints upon her ability to fairly defend her clients.

During this process she tried to apply the German legal position that a defendant should be judged according to his intentions, that is regarding the reason and the circumstances of his action. However, this was not only prohibited, but in so doing the court considered she had also herself committed a punishable offense. In this way the rulers of Germany give a warning to all not to contradict but to submit. Otherwise, arrest and punishment is imminent.

Sylvia Stolz's parting words:

"Das hat mit Recht nicht mehr zu tun und wir werden uns diesem Unrecht nicht beugen!" (Translation: "This has nothing to do with justice, and we will not yield to this injustice!")

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