Jews Kill Cole and Family for Exposing Hokeycaust

To paraphrase Socrates from the Apology, by Plato: "A bad man is not permitted to injure one who is better than himself. I do not deny that the bad one may, perhaps, kill the good one or drive him into exile or deprive him of civil rights; and the bad one may imagine, and others may imagine, that the bad one is inflicting a very great injury upon the good one; however, the evil that the bad one is doing to himself, and to his own eternal soul, through his actions of being the doer of evil unto the good one, is a far greater evil that he does to himself than the lesser evil that he does to the good one of unjustly taking away his physical existence."

Jewish revisionist historian David Cole’s research and work was unparalleled for its depth of penetrating into the deep and sinister recesses of the monstrous lie known as the “Holocaust.” David’s video tour of the slanderously-named “death camp” at Auschwitz, Poland, directly and fearlessly confronts and exposes the deliberate deceptions and laughably absurd material misrepresentations that constitute the underpinnings of the fraudulent “gas chambers” accusation against the Nazis - a vicious accusation that has poisoned the mind of the human race with the most vehement racism and racial hatred toward a nationality (herein, the Germans) than any other official lie in history.

If your innocent young mind while growing up in school, like mine, was poisoned and transmuted into a tool of loathing and disgust toward WWII Nazi Germany and the German people by all of the “Holocaust” accusations and stories you were indoctrinated with, then watching the video below, made by an extremely intelligent and objective Jewish historical researcher, is just what you need to pull it out of the gutter. While it may be emotionally overwhelming at first to realize that all of us (Jews and Gentiles, alike) have been the victims of a horrendous and unparalleled historical lie about our fellow man, orchestrated by a large group of media and political conspirators, nevertheless, there is also a much greater and much more personally rewarding feeling of freedom and peace of mind to be gained from ridding ourselves of the effect that this demonic lie has had on our souls. Realize that the premeditated and systematic “slaughter of millions” by the Nazis during WWII, in fact, never happened at all!

Unfortunately, the creator of this video, David Cole, has not been seen or heard from in over a decade now since the Jewish Defense League (JDL) published an article on its website calling for David to be “eliminated altogether” and offering a reward for his “current location.” It is most likely, therefore, that David and his family were killed by either the JDL or one of its sister Jewish terrorist hate groups (In 1985, the FBI named the JDL as the second most active terrorist group in the United States.

Subsequent to eliminating David and his family, on January 2nd, 1998, the JDL published, at its website, a fraudulent “retraction and apology letter,” purportedly written by David, regarding the work he had done exposing the gas chambers hoax. In the same vein as many of the other laughably absurd misrepresentations used in Holocaust propaganda, this alleged “letter from David” was sent to the JDL complete with a “notary endorsement” - as if David, a professional historian and document researcher, would not know that a notary can be a witness to fraudulent document.

In later attempts to cover-up its crime, the JDL and a few of its lackeys also claimed to have had contact with David after the date of his disappearance. However, none of these alleged “contact claims” by the JDL, Michael Shermer, or anyone else has ever been substantiated.

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