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The diplomatic miracle of bringing a lasting peace to the Middle East conflict will catapult Barack Obama to the status of a saviour in the eyes of all peoples of the Earth. This will put him into the position of convincing the world to begin implementation of the next essential step in creating a united planet and a world government the establishment of a strictly regimented, computerized, cashless economic and social system allowing the fair, just and stringently controlled distribution of global resources the New World Order.
Ed Leedskalnin was a FREEMASON, but Ed rebel on FREEMASON because they massacre his FAMILY in LATVIA. That was reason Ed built his CORAL CASTLE to EXPOSE SECRETS OF THE FREEMASON, but the world wouldn't listen to him, SO we remain under the CLAWS of the ILLUMINATI.
Time is near the Whole World will become a PUPPET of the ILLUMINATI after implanting the RFID chips, unable to resist, unable to think on its own, NO FREE WILL, absolutely no more FREEDOM.
911 is the ritual of the ILLUMINATI. The false rapture is coming, FAKE ALIEN SHIP are part of THE GRAND DECEPTION!

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