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THE PERFECT PLAN - Designed 2 wake u up - 2011

  • Eriktv
  • uploaded: Aug 9, 2011
  • Hits: 231


  • Eriktv#

    Eriktv August 10, 2011 12:02:12 PM CEST

    the eye sees what the mind knows. maybe this vid came to early for you. about the echo, that wasn't me it was str8 forward but after uploading it came out sounding like this. so the universe {vortex} must have wanted it this way. if you want you can both see pixels and bluebeam is reality sepperate . look in my library. shame you didn't go beyond your boiling point you missed out the final. good luck in life and i say IN LAK'ECH

  • Attaboyslim#

    Attaboyslim August 10, 2011 4:18:58 AM CEST

    Dude, you seem to have spent a lot of time and energy on a video that can't be understood. I couldn't finish it because it was giving me a frigging headache. Your audio was too low and the reverb was much too high. Forget about the graphics if you are trying to get a message out because, that is more import6ant if you have something to say.

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