WWII Truth: Why Hitler Declared War on Poland

  • Uploaded by Hoaxbuster on Aug 10, 2011
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They never told you the real reason for World War II. That's because the victorious write the history books, not the vanquished!

Once you discover how many lies you've been taught, you should become a little outraged.

The Zionists betrayed Germany during WWI in the hopes of getting Palestine. See, my video of Ben Freedman about the Balfour Declaration given to the Rothschilds.

Then, the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 deprived Germany of much of its homeland and gave it to other countries. Those countries, especially Poland, persecuted and killed many innocent Germans living within their borders.

Listen to Hitler's outrage. Listen as he says he tried to get concessions for his people in those lands stolen from Germany in 1919 and got nowhere! Learn the truth about WWII and unbrainwash yourself!

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