Ideal Church of God:- Has no Hirelings Priests or

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Ideal Church of God:- Has no Hirelings Priests or Deacons but the dedicated Brethren - 5. So, the corruptions and malpractices of bishops in the early churches were the main reasons for banning the Preachers from such churches and the Preachers resorted to the opening of monasteries in order to carry on with their work of Preaching the Gospel to the seekers of 'His Word'. Without the Preachers or the Spirit of God, the bishops started to concentrate upon the studies of the "letters" of the New Testament and their presbyteries produced "men of letters", who were worse off than those of the Moses. And the present universities are the legacy of those presbyteries and their theologians are "super donkeys".

The Preachers of Jesus called the bishops "waterless canals" for their immorality and for their dreams of secular kingdom of Jesus that those blind bishops led their congregations into pit i.e. persecution. Further, the corrupt bishops formulated 'creeds' to put their blind members of congregation into the straitjackets of slavery that was worse than that of the corrupt priests of Moses from which Jesus liberated us. The present churches are the legacy of the old corrupt churches and the recent example of enforcing rules and regulations formulated by the Free Presbyterian Church on Lord Mackay was an act of enslaving in which the word "Free" carried no "Freedom" with it. How would such a church react if Jesus happened to attend a synagogue!!!

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