Ideal Church of God is the Fellowship of the Freem

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Ideal Church of God is the Fellowship of the Freemen not bound by constitutions - 6. Now, the letters of Moses caused little Darkness, but the letters of the New Testament have caused a much greater Darkness. Thus, God stands for love and service whereas the bishops of Mammon not only blessed the war ships but they also encouraged the soldiers of Mammon to kill and rule over others. The booties of wars, and not the hard-earned wealth, helped the corrupt bishops to build their beautiful churches that attracted full houses of their blind Christians. The same booties also helped the people to build up their industries and the resultant fruit of Mammon, the armaments, are being exported to the poor of the world who kill each other i.e. arms are sold by the right hand and alms are given by the left. But in Jesus, those who take to the sword will die of the sword. Thus, the sophisticated weapons that the West, America and Russia are producing they are doing so for their own destruction on Third Judgement Day expected in the year 2012.
Therefore, establish universal Churches of God in honour of Saints and let the outspoken Preachers of God help you to wash the filth of sins and blasphemies. The Preachers of God being predestined, they do not stand in the need of any ordination by men and it is only the deacons who require the ordination of men to whom they are to serve and to be responsible for their performances.
The present Dark Age is a Golden Age for the people of "spirit" and those who establish their covenant with Jesus in "spirit" shall not be born again i.e. in Adam (once-born) we die but in Jesus (twice-born) we are made alive. Also, after the advent of Gospel, you cannot blame anyone for misleading you as you yourself shall have to give your own account to God - Rom.14.12.
For the sake of your gnosis, Christ Nanak has also defined this Dark Age as a time of "Holy Spirit" in which you walk on the footsteps of anointed Christs by making Gospel as your Teacher and common sense, “holy spirit” as the student.
Chaudhry Rajinder Nijjhar, M.Sc.
Retired Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy.
Gnostics are "seekers" of religious knowledge and we take no one for his word.
We believe each individual receives "His Word" through "grace of God".
Our Discussions are open minded and friendly.
Meetings are open to all and they are "FREE".
Christ (Saint) Thomas states,
"Why should I fast, what sin have I committed and
Why should I pray, what wrong have I done".
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