Private Banking: The BIG Jewish Swindle

  • Uploaded by Hoaxbuster on Aug 11, 2011
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Although Ellen Brown ascribed a few unverified quotes to the Founding Fathers, her talk herein, summarizing her book "Web of Debt," not only tells you exactly how the Zionist oligarchs control the U.S. government 9and many other governments) with the "power of the purse," but also provides the only solution for humanity's economic fiasco - nationally-owned and state-owned banking systems, wherein each nation prints its OWN publicly-owned money instead of borrowing the privately-owned money of the Jews and giving it a national name: U.S. dollar, English pound, the Euro, etc.

The solution, therefore, is a very simple solution. However, it is one that almost certainly requires a political revolution and an overthrow of the Zionist bankers along with all of their traitorous puppet politicians. And, given what they did to Hitler's Germany in WWII, it is obvious that these evil ones of Satan will never go down without a fight.

Your children's future will not be secured without a fight.

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