Proof Alex Jones is spreading DISINFO

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Aug 11, 2011
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Diet is important, Alex Jones attempts to make fun of vegetarians/vegans by calling us grass eaters. Allan Watt agrees too. I don't eat the grass you walk on. There are many slang terms to describe hemp including grass, marijuana, pot and many more. Hemp seeds are the most nutritional seed known to man and contain all the essential nutrients needed to live a long healthy life. I do not eat meat or dairy products at all, I grow my own organic fruits and vegetables as well. Hemp plants with moderate THC levels produce FAR more seed compared to the low THC strain of hemp.

Alex jones and Allan Watt could have been honest and said they were unsure about the science, but they present their BS belief system as if it were science, which is not science at all.

Alex Jones does speak a lot of truth, but he also spreads disinfo, this video provides evidence for that. Listen to Alex Jones Y2K Broadcast for another crystal clear example of him spreading disinfo. No more Fear. I don't want to make this video but I can't sit around and watch people praise him like a god while he spreads disinfo. Don't get me wrong there is a fair share of truth to be found from him. everyone has information to learn from each other.

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