How Jewish Bankers Usurped U.S. Sovereignty

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The U.S. dollar may LOOK as American as "apple pie" on the outside, but, in reality, deep down inside, it's as Jewish as "matzo ball soup."

The United States economy runs on Zionist-Jew-owned monetary notes, called Federal Reserve Notes, that the U.S. Treasury BORROWS AT INTEREST from the Zionist-Jew-owned Federal Reserve Corporation System (hereinafter, the FED). ALL of the member banks of the FED are owned and controlled by a 300 year-old Zionist-Jew international-banking crime-network that was started by Rothschilds way back before the not-so "Glorious" Revolution in England.

The FED's member banks are not commercial banks (i.e., banks which serve the public and where average folk deposit their money.) However, privately-owned commercial banks do also borrow Zionist-Jew-owned Federal Reserve notes from the FED at interest... that is to say, they borrow money from the same Zionist-Jew-owned international-banking crime-network that the U.S. government borrows it's money from.

All European nations, and most other nations of the world, also borrow and use monetary notes from this same Zionist-Jew international-banking crime-network. Of course, those nations borrow Zionist-Jew-owned money which is made to LOOK like it is the publicly-owned money of their particular government in order to fool the people, in the very same way that the "U.S." dollar is made to look like it's the publicly-owned monetary notes of the U.S. government, in order to fool Americans.

Now, we all know, it's almost always better to own than to rent! And, since the U.S. government, under the U.S. Constitution, has the power to create its OWN monetary notes (which would be interest free, instead of the debt -ridden privately-owned notes of the FED), there is NO RATIONAL REASON for the U.S. government to BORROW a Zionist-Jew-owned corporation's privately-owned money, when it can create ITS OWN publicly-owned money (owned by the ALL Americans!) for free!!!

Any politician, however, who has ever attempted to dismantle the Zionist-Jew international-banking crime-network in their nation has been the victim of an assassination attempt. Past U.S. presidents targeted for assassination by the Zionist-Jew international-banking crime-network for printing NON-Zionist bank notes were JFK, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln.

European politicians who, likewise, printed their own money, like Adolf Hitler did after 1933, were also, obviously, targeted for annihilation by the Zionist-Jew international-banking crime-network.

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