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HD Trailer Antimatter: The Future is Now

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Aug 12, 2011
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I suggest researching everything and follow the science verifying the sources I provide. Watch in HD and fullscreen. This is a trailer for my documentary about antimatter, space exploration, spacecraft, sustainability and self sufficiency.

NASA=Never A Straight Answer

Hemp ethanol is a lot less energy intensive compared to the alternatives. New enzyme processes can harvest 1800 gallons of ethanol per acre. Half of the cars running in Brazil are running on ethanol made from sugarcane so don’t say it can’t be done, it already has and there is a plant that harvests a lot more ethanol.

Hemp is the key to sustainability. Current fuels/ethanols, oils, plastics, and most products are toxic to the environment and human health. Hemp products are non-toxic and healthy for the planet. When food, fuels, plastics, fiber, medicine are grown locally energy consumption dramatically reduces.

Bernal Sphere Animation by Nick Stevens, AKA Starbase1
Read Jack Herer’s book for Free The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Royalty Free music provided for free by the author:
I believe this video to be legal under Fair Dealing in Canadas Copyright Act for the purpose of research and private study.

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