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Semiramis - Queen Of Babylon - Origin Of Idolatry


Semiramis, queen of Babylon, the Harlot!

In addition to Nimrod’s arrogant and ungodly rule, his wife queen Semiramis was a corrupt and immoral woman. After Nimrod’s death and deification to "sun-god", she gained control of the Babylonian Kingdom by her seductive and licentious ways. Her dominion is typified by the Harlot / Prostitute, sitting on and riding the bull, thus united with, but controlling the beast. She claimed to have become impregnated by one of Nimrod's sunbeams. This miracle birth of her son Tammuz was believed to be Nimrod reborn, a counterfeit savior and Babylonian fertiltiy god. (There is only on mention of Tammuz in scripture. (Ezekiel 8 emphasis v. 14)

At her death she was deified as the ‘Queen of Heaven’, the moon goddess, and goddess of fertility. Her children were the stars. The woman appears in different ways throughout various cultures and times just as Nimrod, but remains the same corrupt and satanic counterfeit religious system and global power. Archeological excavations have found temples and idols to the sun-god and moon- goddess throughout the earth.

In the Old Testament amongst "ancient pagans" Semiramis is the goddess of the Sidonians (1 Kings 11:1-5).

Amongst the Israelites she was known as ASHTEROTH.

In the New Testament scriptures she is Diana of Ephesus (Acts 19: 24- 34).

She is Isis in Egypt,

Indrani in India,

Cybelle in Asia,

Venus in Rome,

Ceres in Greece,

Shing Moo in China,

Hertha in Germany,

Sisa in Scandinavia.

But the woman was really Semiramis, the wife or NIMROD, the queen of Babylon, the queen of heaven, the goddess of fertility

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