One God One Faith is known to the Twice-born Breth

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One God One Faith is known to the Twice-born Brethren working for God. Hi Brethren,
In Jesus, we have One Father and if you are born white, brown, black or yellow in different countries, it was not your choice but that of our Father. When you know this simple Fact of Life, then you are no more Once-Born racist or animal but the twice born of spirit and Agape is the Binding Force. Then, people can enter through the Narrow Gate for the Solitary into the Royal Kingdom of God where our anointed Brother Christ Jesus is found, the True Vine planted by our Father. There, you Labour for the Fruit of this True Vine and this is understanding of Gospel Parables called eating the Flesh of Jesus. You get yourself Grafted to this True Vine by becoming compatible to Christ Jesus Who worked for our Father and not for Mammon as the hireling Dog-Collared Priests work in the organized Churches of Mammon, the spiritually blind congregations having so many Churches when we have One God and Christ Jesus is the Head of the Church. That is, One Fold, Church of God, One Shepherd, Christ Jesus and the Gatekeeper to this Fold is Peter who would not allow a Liar into the Church. Liars are Saltless people that are thrown out into the footpaths for people to trample over them. For the Love of Mammon and being a Thief, Saltless Judas Iscariot was thrown out at the Last Supper, a man not properly dressed for the Wedding of the Son and that was Eucharist called entering into the Bridal Chamber. Christ Jesus welcomed His remaining Eleven Brides into the House of our Father by washing their Feet that walked in the Vineyard of our Father. So, after Baptism and on receiving their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost, all the Twelve set out to Preach Gospel and that is called Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ. Thus, Hireling hypocrites who work for Mammon and not for God they have nothing in common with our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. So, if you want to be compatible with Christ Jesus, then do not get paid in Mammon Only people like the Samaritan Man who picked the wounded person who did not expect repayment could be Grafted to the True Vine.

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