Premier Radio Prayer meetingin Methodist Church Ha

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Aug 14, 2011
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Premier Radio Prayer meetingin Methodist Church Hall, London. Today, I met my Brother Ghislain and we were planning to see Golden Temple exhibition at Russell Square and then go to Methodist Church Hall to join other in their Prayer session. But the Brunel Gallery was closed and so we went to Westminister where the Church is. We met the Director of Premier Radio and TV. They were happy to see us but not when we started to Preach Gospel. Then, the Bishop came to see us and when I asked him how Christ could die when it stands for His Word and it is a Title? No answer even when I quoted John’s Gospel that Christ was in the beginning and He is forever. Totally blind to spirit and when such blind guides lead the blind, they fall into the Pits of sectarian riots. These Dog-Collared Priests of Mammon and self praises psychic are the leaders of killing in the name of religion. These riots are nothing and more may flare up if the Police does not give power to public to fight them off.

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