The Real Mars Sky?

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Note that beautiful blue sky and the much more normal terrain color in both of those big monitors even though they are displaying different Mars surface scenes.

The fact the sky is blue on a mars terrain should be raising questions. Even if it is a wallpaper background, why is a martian sky blue? Why would of all the images and data to show, is there a blue sky? That sure looks like mars to me…

The video is from a 7/1/2011 video release on The Sky at Night on BBC One in the UK. The Sky at Night is a monthly documentary television program on astronomy produced by the BBC. The show has had the same permanent presenter, Sir Patrick Moore, from its first airing on 24 April 1957, making it the longest-running program with the same presenter in television history.

Professor Squyres is shown working on a lap top on the desk while behind him are two very large monitors pushed up side by side against each other. Their fairly large size suggests that these two monitors are dedicated to working with the visual research data provided by the rovers on Mars while the portable computer he's working on is likely the operational control unit.

In fact, the scenes we see on these monitors are almost certainly from the rovers in Professor Squyres current work time and likely used in displaying the views that he would see and use in navigating the rover and making changes in its operation. The most obvious thing that you can see is that the big monitors views are in full color. We know that the rover cameras are capable of taking color images on the spot and it makes sense that this is what Squyres and company would be working with if there was a choice. After all color information would be critical to a team responsible for navigating the rover and especially in taking side trips to investigate certain things.

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