A star of EL 3

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Aug 18, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters,

What can i say? Only, be prepared to be astonished, by the extremely beautiful, colourful, depictive, word formed images from the stars, created by GOD.

The video you are about to see is of a star, i am not sure which one, atleast two videos are used (Only one is shown in motion) from a large collection of randomly filmed stars, GOD knows, i am not sure though, only i will say possibly a star in the constelation of orion, but it does not really matter, because all the stars are full of depictions of awesome looking beings, and depictions like unto Jesus, and the words that are written there are these depicted characters and their names.

Imagine hyroglyphics in space and on everything, everwhere, like unto a lattice NETwork of depicted bird-like creatures, that have large oval shaped eyes, beaks of various lengths, clawed hands and feet, all joined together, and when viewed from any angle a different character can be seen, each character shaped by a letter, and whole picturesque scenes formed by THE WORD. Some letters will appear as numbers when viewed from another angle, and the most awesome thing is, GOD signs his work, just like the supreme ultimate creative artist that GOD is, and his names can clearly be seen on everything, in all of his Glorious Creation. The Ancient egyptians refered to hyroglyphics as "MedouNETcher",(GODs Words.)

The Allmighty GOD can do such things as this with the stars and all of creation. Just think what he can do for you. Have faith i urge you, be not afraid to try, for if you do not, you will not know untill the end, and it may be too late, for sin is like a cancer, the more and more it grows as the years go by, and what is there left of you in the end, that is worthy of saving, if the cure is not applied sooner? so find out now rather than later. My faith is in JESUS CHRIST, the beloved son of GOD, the creator of the stars, this star Evidence i put before you.

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