Real UFO - Salida, 1995 - Whole Footage

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On Sunday, August 27, 1995, at 9:30 AM the late Tim Edwards of Salida, Colorado, was a witness to a strange aerial object first observed by his young daughter. As he watched it he realized it wasn't anything usual so he got his 8 mm videocamera with a 8 power zoom. He began to film it and then the battery light came on so he went inside and got another battery. He also called his restaurant in Salida to alert other possible witnesses. One of these people did see it. Some minutes later his father arrived at his house and looked at the object through binoculars. Edwards also called a local radio station to alert others to look. Edwards also called the sheriffs office, a fact confirmed by the sheriff on Sept. 7. The sheriffs office had received no other reports. He also called the National UFO Reporting Hot Line number given to him by the sheriff's office. Between phone calls he filmed the object, managing to obtain only about 6 minutes of video during the roughly 1 hour sighting.

According to Edwards, he and his father, using binoculars, could clearly see a double row of square or rectangular red and then to light green lights moving left to right and then back again. The structure width in between was probably equal to 1/2 - 1 row of the lights.

The raw footage of this incident suffers from significant camera shake due to the unavoidable fact that Mr. Edwards did not have access to a tripod at the time and the camera lens was zoomed in @ 8x to allow for high magnification filming of the UFO.
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