Ron Pauls Words of Warning 1983 - 2008 and beyond

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When you listen to Ron Paul from his early 1980 speeches and now, his messages have not changed. Many say Ron Paul is unelectable? Why is that? The media will tell you his views are "extreme" What is so "extreme" about the constitution?

Dr. Paul has voted throughout his political career in line with the constitution. If the constitution does not give the Federal government authority, those powers belong to the States.

The main stream corporate media views congressman Paul as a threat against the establishment. The establishment provides us their choices, their issues, their special interest promoted sense of reality has been pushed upon our psyche for too long. People are beginning to understand the real issues that effect us all, as Ron Paul for many years has tried to tell us.

If Ron Paul is not "electable", Ron Paul sure is changing the rhetoric with the candidates we see today. His ideas and clear sense of the true role of the constitutional government will be at the forefront of the campaign of 2012.

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