Paul being a Roman was salt of the earthm had coms

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Paul being a Roman was salt of the earth and therefore, he had conscience and best for the Gentile. Saul was a Roman and Romans were men of their word and they were righteous people. Jews did not have a clear conscience and that is why Christ Jesus called them saltless hypocrites. Those who were Labourers of Christ Jesus, they being baptised by John, the Baptist in the name of Abraham were men of Salt of Abraham, a Noble Man or he had conscience. Saul being of conscience shouted, Look Stephen is praying for you, then why are you stoning him to death. For this conscience St.Stephen bestowed him his honour, the Tunic, that earned Him Holy Spirit at Damascus Gate experience. Jewish Apostles concentrated among the Jews whilst Paul did try to Preach Gospel to the Jews but for him being not a Jew but a Roman, the Jews hated him most for His straight forward approach as I do too whilst the Gentile loved him for he belonged to them. Gentile were already in the Royal Kingdom of God that they needed very little effort to become the Workers, Apostles, in the name of Jesus, the True Vine planted by our Father. In short, Christ Paul being the Roman salt of the earth was very KEEN to preach Gospel as we Jatts of the Punjab are once we learn the basics. People of Judah tribe, the Princes of Darkness and the people of Khatri tribe of India being the Kings and Emperors of Darkness did lot of damage to the Lights of both the Christs Jesus and Nanak. Gentiles and Jatts took the Light Beacons with Pleasure to preach the Gospel worldwide but they needed a Spark to enlighten their Torches, which Christ Paul did in the Middle East. But when these satanic Messianic Jews would not stop from their satanic killing of Gentile Apostles, then Hazrat Mohammed Sahib had to teach them a lesson. Now, Gospel would be Preached before the End of the world, which is not far away, let us join hands to Preach Gospel. Our Father bless you all.

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