Triangle Ufo Lures Airplane Off Course Many Times

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A clip taken from 'UFOs: The Hard Evidence (volume 5).'

The first thing that will come to most people's mind when hearing this account is the TR-3B.

What makes the case intriguing is the unusual behavior of the aircraft's internal navigation system which seemingly led it to the triangle craft without the pilot's awareness. If this is the case then we are forced to conclude that those manning the triangle want people such as the pilots to see their craft. If those manning the triangle are EBEs then such actions are presumably a form of disclosure to humankind. It should be considered a preliminary form of disclosure - as anything more overt would invoke widespread panic and thus be counterproductive. If however those manning the triangle are in fact human, then the conclusion we reach is in many ways more alarming. The only logical justification for such actions would be to invoke fear in the public mind by creating a new, vastly superior, enemy. In such an environment the Government of the day would be given carte blanche by a terrified public. What makes this explanation improbable however is the complete failure of mainstream media to run with UFO related stories - surely a requisite in inducing widespread panic. It's possible this is part of a longer-term strategy whereby the mainstream media is to run with such stories sometime in the future (after the idea of UFOs is at least partly accepted by the public) However this topic is by now deeply entrenched in grassroots efforts one way or another and thus cannot be easily used as a tool to induce fear.

This documentary was a Graham W Birdsall

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