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Alien Signals Deciphered part 2 Grey BlockCultures

  • Thieu4u
  • uploaded: Aug 27, 2011
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  • Thieu4u#

    Thieu4u August 30, 2011 2:35:08 PM CEST

    Thanks for your constructive response. Part one should be easy to find on my channel. Part 3 discusses brief the location where the signals where received (coming soon). Teimon is not a ancestor of us humans. He is a descendant of the ancients who visited Earth in the past, some 6000 years ago. They live longer but die just like humans because they are humans. So the ancients that visited earth, are long gone but Teimon belongs to one of the many colony%u2019s the ancients left behind. They live on a planet in a region of our galaxy, explained in part 3. The messages where send since 1977 and where stopped around 2005. They where send every 3 months. Space travel is indeed very unhealthy. That was the reason to develop a artificial life form that could survive the hostile environment of space during there lifespan. That doesn't mean that the makers of the Grey robots don't travel in space. But only if it is necessary. The first grey block culture was build some 2000 years ago. Traveling with a planet in extreme cold interstellar space would be a very uneconomic way. It would take forever to get with a planet from one star to the next. The colony Teimon belongs to have very advanced craft that can travel thousands of light-years in one year and in good space conditions even in months. They follow specific space roads, natural Einstein Rosen bridges, in traveling through space. These space bridges are not always accessible, as they have a opening and closing rhythm over the century%u2019s. But they have kind of beacons in and close to our solar system. They can be used to send messages in no time, by using quantum entanglement technology. The beacons transfer these signals in electromagnetic frequencies so that they can be received by our radars. It was a question that puzzled me for a while because with our technology, the electromagnetic signals would need 10.000 years to reach earth. But they have solved that problem long ago. If we humans want to do interstellar travel some day, we need to solve that problem to. Once, quantum computers are developed, this technology will be available for us to. But I will see if Teimon can elaborate about that specific problem in depth, next time I have him on teleline. Bye

  • Napper1956#

    Napper1956 August 28, 2011 1:44:53 AM CEST

    Where is part one? How were the messages received/through what media? When did the messages start? Finally, if the message bearer is an ancestor of us and the Greys were developed by them/us because the human body could not cope with space travel, then it surely leaves two possible origins of the ancestry link. Number one must be that our ancestors had developed far further than our archaeological evidence proves and that technological and medical knowledge is far superior to today%u2019s. Number two is our ancestors were perhaps just hybrids created by a race that was close enough to earth at one point in time to develop the planet and harvest it's resources leaving behind a management team until they return. The point being if we humans are not suited to space travel it is not so inconceivable to consider our ancestors did not space travel using space craft but that they space travelled using the planet that they live on and its orbit in our solar system. Food for thought!!!!

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