Hollywood Disclosure

Highlighting the increasing and continual stream of movies involving extraterrestrial and galactic themes that most notably have increased over the past 3-4 recent years, and now in 2011, we are seeing that film after film, ETs are not leaving the big screen.

As this Wikipedia list of films that involve ETs which is linked bellow shows, - Hollywood, since the 1950s have most often been producing 2-5 or more ET movies each year. and up to 6-10 movies most years from between 1998 - 2006. In 2008/2009/and 2011, the number of ET related movies jumps to 15-18 movies a year.


(To paraphrase a passage from the book; After Disclosure - which also discusses Hollywood's involvement with ET Disclosure)
- There is indeed reason to believe that Hollywood has been elicit, as part of the effort to acclimate the public to accept the concept of alien life - To prepare people for eventual contact with non-human life.

To listen on the topic of intelligence agency and CIA involvement with Hollywood, is a link to TZMBigSteelGuy'S video bellow:

Disclosure - Endgame: Big Changes, and Hollywood's involvement 1/2

("In both its negative and positive portrayals, Disclosure of the UFO/ET presence is here")

Hollywood, of course, sells drama, and movies have explored the portrayal of ETs in many ways. Regardless of "good" or "bad", they all add to the count of the many ET movies that all together show/or reflect to us that the topic of ETs are more relevent and imminent than ever - as reflected by our growing awareness and collective interest.

The movies referenced in this video are:

paul 2011
contact 1997
avatar 2009
district 9 2009
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 1982
Close Encounters of the third kind 1977
knowing 2009
The day the earth stood still 2008
super 8 2011
star trek 2008
battle la 2011
independence day 1996
monsters vs aliens 2009
war of the worlds (Tom Cruise) 2005
transformers 2007/2009/2011

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