Actual Footage comet Elenin C/2010 X1 and comet Ga

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Interaction between comet Elenin and coronal mass ejection from the Sun

There two comets currently visiting the inner solar system — comet Elenin and comet Garradd

Auteur.Leonid Elenin

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The closest the comet will come to Earth is 0.23 AU (Astronomical Units), or approximately 34-million kilometers, so it poses no threat to us. We will attempt to keep this page updated with the latest observations.

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Orbit Diagram;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=0#orb

Stereo .

Try, for example, "Ahead HI1," "Slideshow," 512 x 512 resolution, start date = 20110801, and end date = 20110803.

I've labelled objects I recognize on the attached image. I believe the object to the lower right of Alpha Sco is M4.

You can also get an approximate idea of what's in the field of view (which is larger than the circle in he resulting diagram) with the SECCHI star map tool at:

(enter date, spacecraft, instrument at the bottom of the page).

The dashed, red line is the ecliptic.

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