Lima, Peru. UFO Orb Fleet May 21, 2007

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The following is my translation over the audio given in the above video

News Anchor
â?¦It is the first time that something similar to this is registered in our country.

Text Caption #1
Limenos (People living in Lima) are surprised due to strange sightings in the sky.

Male reporter Francisco Landauro (voice)
Dozens of â??Limenosâ? were left more than surprised by what their eyes observed over our sky.

Witness #1
There is more than 20 flying saucers, friend, over there! Look over there! (pointing)
(At this point what he says is hard to make out, but something to this effect) This is happening right now and every body is just walking.

Witness #2
No, I donâ??t know. I donâ??t believe in the flying saucers but, it looks like it.

Male reporter Francisco Landauro (voice)
This strange and surprising spectacle, registered in Lima two days ago, was captured by a team of ATV News. For more than 30 minutes, a diversity of white points were observed that were forming shapes in the sky.

Peruvian Air Force Commander Julio Chamorro (Assessor)
This comes to be a very interesting subject, however, it continues to be an anomalous aerial phenomenon because it is not controlled and we {do not} (It is hard to understand exactly what he says in this part because it seems that he says they do, but when you look at the whole statement, it does not make sense) have a technicalâ?¦appropriate, coherent explanation to say what it is.

Male reporter Francisco Landauro (voice)
The commander of the Peruvian Air Force, Julio Chamorro, was cautious in assuring [this as] possible extraterrestrials, but he did provided video images were this same phenomenon is observed recorded in 1994 and 1995 over the skies of multiply Mexican cities.

Peruvian Air Force Commander Julio Chamorro (Assessor)
In needs to be controlled, it needs to be known what it is this is about. It even could be, it could be, although this has never happened, that this would jeopardize aerial operations in general.

Male reporter Francisco Landauro(voice)
These sightings could, in fact, be studied by an office [group] that deals with aerospace systems, as they do exist in countries like Chile, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

Male reporter Francisco Landauro (
This is the first video register, filmed over our capital showing abnormal aerial phenomena, in great quantities that will be helpful for the investigations and this makes us ask if we are alone in the universe. Franciso landauro Miranda, ATV News.


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