Raw Brick, the sons of Abraham to the Baked Bricks

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NO RAW MATERIAL, THE SONS OF ABRAHAM; NO FINISHED PRODUCT, THE SONS OF MOST HIGH. Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus is the Foreman of the Vineyard of our Father best represented by a Brick Kiln that receives the raw bricks for being baked to har...

Our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus is the Foreman of the Vineyard of our Father best represented by a Brick Kiln that receives the raw bricks for being baked to hard, sealed to serve God Workers called Apostles. Christ Jesus picked up the Raw Bricks after John, the Baptist had prepared them by baptising in the water in the name of Abraham that he stressed in the Saying to the Temple Priests, Don't you say that you have Abraham as your Forefather; I can turn stones, simpletons, into the sons of Abraham. So, John, the Baptist by baptising the Jewish sensible men of age, thirty or so, in water and that is the Raw Bricks, the morally sound people. The duty of the Bishop used to be acting in the name of John, the Baptist baptising Jewish sensible men in water and to prepare them morally sound like their Forefather Abraham, who was a Noble Man in God and God was in Him. That is why He would not swear in the name of our Father but in his own name. Temple Priests who were making Jews of rituals, outwardly and not inwardly, spiritual, killed St.Stephen for laying too much stress on the sons of Abraham, the wheat plants planted by our heavenly father, Yahweh, the creator of male and female. Christ Jesus selected some of these pre-destined of our Father Raw Bricks and by Firing them in the Winnowing Fire of His Word sealed them into the Service of our Father by performing the Marriage with the Eleven Virgins after the Last Supper by washing their Feet to welcome them into the House of our Father and married them through the Ceremony of Eucharist in which they were asked to eat only the living Bread, the Juicy Flesh of Living Jesus, the Gospel understanding that He came to proclaim and the Drinking of the Blood of Christ is Preaching the Gospel from Rooftops and not to put it under the Bushel as these hirelings of Mammon Priests do frightened of their paymaster, the Church of Mammon Elders. Drinking of the Blood of Christ without any fear leads you to the Bridal Chamber in which you celebrate your Marriage with the Bridegroom, our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. After taking Eucharist, you devote your life to Preaching Gospel in honour of your Bridegroom Christ Jesus, the Son, whose Marriage our Father celebrated. Judas Iscariot was the person who being a Thief, was not properly dressed to celebrate the Marriage and he was thrown out after the Last Supper. Thus, the present Churches that are mostly dominated by the Hireling Dog-Collared Priests of Mammon amply reflected in throwing our Brother William Booth of Salvation Army out from the St.Paul's Cathedral, London and bringing in the ruling Viceroys of Mammon in. Paul was a Preacher, a Christ and not a Saint proclaimed by Pope and other Bishops.
So, no Raw material, the sons of Abraham then no sons of God but the hypocrite Robed sons of Satan. In the sons of God, what comes out of their Mouth that matters whilst in the hypocrite sons of Satan the impressive beautiful robes of Antichrist that frighten to death the simpletons under the threat of sins when in the Royal Kingdom of God, it is the Blasphemy or hypocrisy that counts and no more sins. In Jesus, we are no more slaves to sins but to the righteousness that originates from our hearts. Gospel is by grace and when you Preach it with authority, and then you are Drinking the Refreshing Blood of Christ that makes you young and strong in Christ Jesus. Remember that John, the Baptist, Rabbis, Pharisees, etc, they are Teachers of Scriptures, the Milk for the once-born Babies and they have Disciples who do what they are told to do without questioning. In Jesus, we are no more blind Disciples but the twice-born Labourers and Workers as stressed by Christ Jesus in John 4, the Parable of the Samaritan Woman at Well called Christ Photina. Jews still hate the Samaritans and call this Christ Photina as a bad character marrying one husband after the other whereas she had overpowered those Five that struggle in your house. Gospel subdues the Five, which she had done with the help of the village Rabbi. This Jesus called someone else has sown, made the spiritually enlightened twice-born people, someone else, Christ Jesus, harvests the Crop. So, please think logically to earn His Treasures, the Gospel Truth Logos. In the Ministry of Christ Jesus, Twelve were trained to take over the Foremanship of Christ Jesus, Preachers whilst the Seventy Labourer were imbued with the spirit of Christ or the knowledge of Oral Torah to become Teachers of Moral laws, the Bishops in the Churches to prepare the Raw Bricks in the name of John, the Baptist Prophet Elijah.

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