Dog Collared Priests are dead in spirit Antichrist

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Sep 5, 2011
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Dog Collared Priests are dead in spirit Antichrists fleecing the devotees of our Father. I have put many Videos exposing the hypocrites and there is no need to add description. This Dark Age is dominated by the greedy cheats who become rich at the expense of poor creating hatred among the people leading to riots and wars as it happened in Germany Holocausts. People are to be blamed for themselves and not the killers. Now, we are heading towards Atomic War expected around 23 December, 2012 as predicted by the spiritual Mayan Calendar. Rest is known to our Father but when you see the Jews rushing to Israel, then WAR is CERTAIN. End of the War will bring End to the Dark Age. Only the tribal people of salt will survive.

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