What is Light and what is Darkness that Chtist Jes

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What is Light and what is Darkness that Christ Jesus came to dispel?
Trinity table for easy understanding:-
The answer is very simple but most Priests are men of letters working for their living or Mammon. They do not ponder over simple things. The answer is there in the Bible but it is not specifically written that this is the Light of our Father. Even if it is specifically written, the Dog-collared Priests work for Mammon and not for God. They are spiritually blind and they would not open their mouth to define or to know such things as none of the members of the congregation dare to ask them questions. I asked a Catholic Priest where does he stand between man and God when Christ Jesus tore the curtain of holiest of holy from top to bottom. He understood my point but he could not answer and I called him an antichrist. He did not like it but we shook hands of friendship. Gospel is not Preached in the Churches as the Royal priests, the Roving Preachers are not allowed into the Churches of Mammon. So, you need to be truthful for the kingdom of heaven that is seen in Law and order and contented with your lot for the Royal Kingdom of God to become His Worker, a Royal Priest with no Dog-Collar. Mercy or Philanthropy is the Light of our Father and people should perform philanthropic deeds on Sabbath. In fact, in Jesus every day is Sabbath for merciful deeds of Philanthropy. No wonder a Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. Our Father God bless you.

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