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9/11 Flight 93 Shanksville, Mayor says No Plane Cr

  • Kanaeta
  • uploaded: Sep 12, 2011
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9/11 Flight 93 Shanksville, Mayor says No Plane Crashed!

Mayor Saw no plane at the supposed crash site! It is all a big lie!

The evidence shows that Flight 93 did indeed crash near Shanksville, and suggests that the passengers did struggle to gain control of the plane. However, the cause of the crash was apparently trauma to the aircraft -- such as a missile strike -- rather than the actions of whoever was in the cockpit. Evidence of such trauma preceding the jetliner's nose-dive includes the widely scattered debris field, numerous ear- and eyewitness accounts, and evidence that NORAD and the 9/11 Commission changed the time-line to hide the plane's true fate.

Die Beweise zeigen, dass Flug 93 in der Tat haben Absturz bei Shanksville, und schlägt vor, dass die Passagiere Kampf um die Kontrolle über das Flugzeug zu gewinnen war. Allerdings war die Ursache des Absturzes offenbar Trauma, das Flugzeug - wie ein Raketenangriff - anstatt die Handlungen wer war im Cockpit. Beweise für ein solches Trauma vor dem Jetliner's Sturzflug umfasst die weit verstreuten Trümmerfeld, zahlreiche Ohr-und Augenzeugen und Beweise dafür, dass NORAD und die 9 / 11 Kommission der Zeit-Linie auf der Ebene wahr Schicksal verstecken geändert.

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  • Wildly#

    Wildly September 12, 2011 2:27:42 AM CEST

    The plane designated in the air along with the correct occupancy that could match or handle the other passengers from the other flights.....both traces of evidence from the towers and the attack mentioned above were guaranteed dust....every thing was owned, to the smallest detail....the attack ,coverage and clean up........In the movie "The Game" staring Michael Douglas, he portrays a client enrolled in a illusion game agency ...for the sake of my point, lets make this client a country and I will continue to read the story line on this movie...remember, a country who is well bred and establish soon erupts in a confusing maze of devastating events. Terrorized by forces who seem intent on dismantling all that they have built...there are no rules in this Game...So 911 and the people that died were not actors,these were real lives, it is not wrong to demand the truth but it is wrong to turn from it....the copper penny reads,"In Man We Trust"..did I say man, sorry , I meant God....It may be to late to save a country, but we can certainly save our selves.....the snow ball has already begun to roll, can't you hear it.........

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