Punjabi:- Sikh being a spiritual self, NAADI ROOP,

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Punjabi:- Sikh being a spiritual self, NAADI ROOP, he is never born or died - 2. Punjabi - Sikh is the Second Panth or community of believers and not a KAUM or tribe. Today I wanted to stress to Sikh Channel TV in Birmingham that Sikh is a Panth and not a Kaum or tribe. Panth is a quality known by what comes out of your mouth and not by turban and beard or DASTAAR. Forms make you fanatics and they burn and kill each other. So, you can well imagine what will happen if 11 September type attacks become prevalent and people shall be looting and killing you for the sake of money as the gap between the poor simpletons and the clever greedy rich people is widening. Greater the Gap, greater the chances of riots. Least riots shall be in the communist countries because the gap is very narrow. Increasing at a much greater speed due to opening to the world. No more iron curtain.
I have written a Book in Punjabi that needs revision and publishing in Hindi too. Unless a person is a Hindu, he cannot be a Sikh. And no Sikh, no Philanthropist Khalsa or a Nirmalla Sant. In God, we glorify our Father by preaching Gospel and unless you are ordained by God, you cannot Preach Gospel. No Christ in your heart, no Gospel. Here is the link to my Book:-
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