No Prayer or Fasting among the Labourers of Christ

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No Prayer or Fasting among the Fellow Labourers of Christ Jesus but in dead in spirit Antichrists - 1. PRAYER IS TO THE DEAD IN SPIRIT YAHWEH WHO ENJOYS EGO IN JEALOUSY AND REVENGE.
Children cannot know the things of spirit as they are governed by the laws of Nature in which tit-for-tat is the rule. Nature is dominated by ego, jealousy and revenge with the result without the law and order people kill each other like the beast of the jungle. Rabbis used to tame the natural man by acting as the Rulers or the school masters and made them to behave. Teacher could make exceptions in spirit but the Disciples or the students were not allowed to make exception in case the students take the law and order into their own hands and behave irresponsibly. A good law and order leads to peace in society and that is called heaven. Thus, the key to the kingdom of heaven was with the Rabbis but they themselves would not enter because they became hypocrites fleecing the devotees of God nor allow others to enter as they governed their lives. Now, an ideal Rabbi, Matt.13.52, is like the owner of a House, the Synagogue who brings out of the storeroom of his knowledge Treasures old, the knowledge of written Torah and the New, the knowledge of Oral Torah or His World. Further, His Word is the very Root of the written Moral Laws as Jesus at the age of 12 explained the Moses’ Laws to the Temple Scholars and unless the Rabbi has the knowledge of His Word, the moral laws coined by the Mammon worshipping Rabbis are not solid but hollow full of holes or corruptions added at their own wills. This Christ Jesus described as the old cloth, the written Torah developing holes and becoming useless to people. Further, a Tree is known by its fruit and so is a Rabbi by the quality of his students or Disciples. This is well demonstrated in the Parable of the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person. A merciless Rabbi and the Pharisee passed by that we do not know who the hell he is and they hated those who did not belong to them or had the Natural instincts of the once-born persons whereas a Samaritan man comes and he did not either ask him who he was or has the desire to do so but he took him for a life of our Father and looked after him by showering philanthropy, the Light of our Father. So, this Samaritan man was the fruit of the Samaritan village Rabbi who had taught them to be contented with their lot and not to fleece anyone. Whereas the Jews loved to fleece the once-born simpletons to become rich and when it went to the extreme, then the poor who were fleeced by the clever people took the revenge by killing them as during the German Holocausts. Among the Gentile, the disparity among the rich and the poor was almost non-existent and that is why they lived in peace.

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