No Prayer or Fasting among the Labourers of Christ

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No Prayer or Fasting among the Fellow Labourers of Christ Jesus but in dead in spirit Antichrists - 2. PRAYER IS TO THE DEAD IN SPIRIT YAHWEH WHO ENJOYS EGO IN JEALOUSY AND REVENGE.
No wonder the Jews are instructed not to pass through the Samaritan villages in case they get a touch of heavenly Light from them and become as generous as the Gentile, a useless person for his rich parents. That is why Christ Philip, one of the 12 Labourers stressed that a Gentile never dies for he does not live to die. In other words, the Gentile worshipped the living God of love and service in spirit whereas the Jews were told to worship the dead in spirit, the demiurge god of Nature, Yahweh, who is jealous and revengeful dry of love and mercy. Mercy is the quality of our living Father and He knows the matters of one’s hearts that you do not need to ask Him in prayers whereas the dead in spirit Yahweh being incapable of knowing the matters of hearts, such a dead god needs to be awakened in prayers so that he does not forget what you need for your prosperity, the Mammon. So, the Jews got Mammon by praying whilst the Gentile got the very Light of our Father called Philanthropy. So, the Labourers of Christ Jesus do not need to pray and fast but the dead in spirit Disciples of the Rabbis do need to pray and fast. Disciples do what their Rabbis tell them to do like a blind person. Rabbi has told his Disciples not to work on Sabbath and they obey it to the very letter and sit at home doing next to nothing. If the House catches fire, it is not to be put off without the permission of the Rabbi. Christ Jesus’ Labourers are supposed to be not the blind Disciples like those of the Rabbis but when the Messianic Jews took over the Churches of God, then they bring in the Jewish leaven the written Torah and made them drunk with the old wine with no desire for the New Wine that the roving Royal Priests wanted to deliver to such judadised Churches. They had no desire for the New Wine as they have the written Torah of Moses to go by - John 9. The Apostles rebuked the Bishops for corrupting the Church and left to open their own Monasteries where the people seeking His Word would go and become Labourers, the Royal Priests, the sons of the Most High our Father. Thus, inheritance of the property of Father is to the Labouring sons and not to the spiritually blind Disciples. The crafty Messianic Jews got the Roman Emperors in their hands and killed the Light of Christ Jesus, the Monks by throwing them before lions or burning them at stake. Then, they had the free hand to corrupt the New Testament and Judadised it to their heart’s content. Old Temple Disciples were created and anyone who dared to set himself free of the schoolmaster was severely dealt with and burnt at stake as Cathers in France were killed. That fulfilled Matt.12.v43to45, the arid evil spirit of old Temple Priests after the handmade Temple was destroyed became a stronger ANTICHRIST force in the name of Christ Jesus. So, become a Labourer in spirit using your common sense, the holy spirit that we enjoy in Christ Jesus to bear Fruit. Pope is antichrist and he has created a lot of Darkness that we must fight by exposing his hypocrisy in Mammon to set our Brethren Free of such rituals as prayer and fasting, the old leaven for the defunct old Synagogues and Churches made by human hands and become Free Royal Priests to enjoy Fellowships. No hireling or a liar is allowed into the Fellowship of Brethren.

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