Antimatter: The Future is Now [4 of 5] pre-release

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Full documentary was censored by youtube and my ability to upload videos longer than 15 minutes is gone, again.
See my other video for evidence of censorship

The full documentary 1 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds was censored by youtube.

Documentary about antimatter, asteroid mining, space colonization, space exploration, spacecraft, space travel, sustainability and self sufficiency. There is a real serious lack of interest in sustaining civilization. All the technology and science is here but there is a lack of public interest. Today's world is very inefficient, toxic pollution is a big source of sickness and disease. Hemp products are safe, stronger, and last a lifetime. Hemp is the key to sustainability. To say the world is on the wrong track, is an understatement of the highest order.

I suggest researching everything and follow the science verifying the sources I provide.

Hemp ethanol is a lot less energy intensive compared to the alternatives. New enzyme processes can harvest 1800 gallons of ethanol per acre. Half of the cars running in Brazil are running on ethanol made from sugarcane so don't say it can't be done, it already has and there is a plant that harvests a lot more ethanol. Also the hemp strains with moderate THC levels produce FAR more seed and ethanol per acre in comparison to the strain of hemp with low THC currently allowed by the canadian government. Search Do it Yourself ethanol.

I suggest researching the Electric Universe

Read Jack Herer's book for Free The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Bernal Sphere Animation by Nick Stevens, AKA Starbase1
Interview with Boyd Bushman from the documentary "From Here To Andromeda"
Music provided for free by the authors

This documentary is not for sale. I believe this to be fair dealing according
to the Copyright Act (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-42) in Canada.

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