Dark Matters:Twisted But True Ep2 2.2

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I Have Einstein's Brain, Unidentified Flying Nazis, Killer Thoughts
Premiere: Wednesday, September 7 at 10PM e/p

I HAVE EINSTEIN'S BRAIN: When Albert Einstein dies in 1955, the pathologist tasked with the autopsy steals his brain. Dr. Thomas Harvey promises he will unravel the mystery of where genius lies within its physical structure. In fact, he embarks on a bizarre 40 year odyssey accompanied by the brain, floating in a mayonnaise jar…

UNIDENTIFIED FLYING NAZIS: A fireball streaks through the skies of Pennsylvania in 1965. Is it just a meteor? If so, why have the military cordoned off the area within hours? Could it be a UFO? The Air Force says, 'No'. Then a historian discovers some extraordinary evidence from the end of the Second World War. Could the fireball be evidence that the US got hold of an outlandish piece of Nazi anti-gravity technology?

KILLER THOUGHTS: Could the Cold War have been won just by thinking about it? Both Russia and the United States spent millions trying to develop mind-weapons and extra-sensory espionage. While nuclear weapons were paraded in front of the world, behind the scenes there was a full blown psychic arms race going on.

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