Will Michael Ruppert Report Censored Documentary?

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Sep 16, 2011
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Will Michael Ruppert Report Censored Documentary? Time will tell. This video is to document and provide evidence of such contact if collapse is real why is this information being ignored? I have emailed him in the past and other people at collapsenet, and nobody is interested in sustainability or self sufficiency? What are they smoking over there at collapsenet? Hope its not crack, that stuff is wack!

I have contacted many people within "alternative" media maybe future videos will also document that too. Whos side are you on Mike? Show us! Why can't alternative media work WITH TRUTH and not propagate bullshit!

I have to ask, does mike ruppert work for big energy companies? I am not saying he is I am asking a question because I am baffled why he ignores truth.

Aerospace Corporations, energy companies, military contractors are DOING JUST FINE during these rough economic times, in fact they are LOVIN IT.

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