Disciples in Adam and Workers in God:- Tribute To

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DIFFERENT TEACHERS IN ADAM AND IN GOD? Disciples in Adam and Workers in God:- Tribute To my best friend Jas Hans. Adam is flesh and his teacher in flesh is his son of Man, a Rabbi of a certain tribe or tribes appointed by men to impart moral education...

Disciples in Adam and Workers in God:- Tribute To my best friend Jas Hans. Adam is flesh and his teacher in flesh is his son of Man, a Rabbi of a certain tribe or tribes appointed by men to impart moral education to the once-born children who are governed by the Natural laws based upon tit-for-tat in which your body commits sin and it is the body that is punished. Moral Laws to handle the Natural man are coined by the Prophets in Adam who have Christ in their hearts. Thus, Moses put on Christ and wrote the written Torah but the Roots of the written Torah lies in His Word or the Oral Torah. This is like the Moral Laws as the Tree that has fruit, the Moral Laws people eat or obey to be of good behaviour in society that leads to Peace or kingdom of heaven on earth. The Roots of this Tree planted in the kingdom of heaven are in the Oral Torah or His Word that the Moral Teacher Rabbi keeps in his own heart and when His Disciples are ready to receive such roots or become twice-born as the Samaritan Woman at well in John4 was, then He plants them in their hearts too. Such a Rabbi is Ideal and this Christ Jesus defined in Matt.13.52 as the owner of a House, Synagogue who brings out from his storeroom Treasures Old, the knowledge of the written Moral Laws and the New, the knowledge of Oral Torah or His Word. Most of the Gentile village Rabbis were Perfect and this is reflected in their Disciples like the Samaritan Man who picked up the wounded person and looked after him, the Samaritan Woman at well John4, a few to mention. Christ Philip summarised this in His Saying, A Gentile never dies for he does not live to die because he has Christ in his heart. So, when the Gentiles already had Christ in their hearts, they did not need Christ Jesus more than the Jews whose Rabbis had become Mammon loving hypocrites fleecing the devotees of our Father God. St.James the Just used to retrieve money from these crook Rabbis by kneeling down and begging them to return his money. Gentiles being clean-hearted simpletons were taken for stones and fleeced more than their own clever Jews. Goyeshi Koppa is a familiar term used by the clever cheating Jews for the thick-headed people especially the Gentile.
So, when the Rabbis especially of Jerusalem that had the Holiest of Holy Temple of God called the Winepress, whose Replacement is the Golden Temple, in the Punjab, became corrupt, greedy and hypocrites, then there was a hue and cry among the devotees who were sensible and they Prayed to our Father to send the Christ among them. That is why Christ Jesus came to sort out the corrupt Rabbis and he rebuked these hypocrites so much that they sought to kill Him. Thus, Christ Jesus, our Anointed Royal High Priest came to introduce to us our Father through His Word and asked us to forget about these crook Rabbis, who are only left with the Milk, the letters of the Scriptures to feed the youngsters and told us to seek Gospel, the Real Meat, His Own Body, for Salvation that the Rabbis kept people alienated from for centuries. So, in Jesus we are the Disciples of Holy Spirit, our Mother, Who feeds us the Meat that Christ Jesus came to introduce the Taste of. Those who develop the Taste for Gospel would never stop seeking more to satisfy their hunger that the Second anointed Christ Nanak Dev Ji summarised in BHUKHHIAN BHUKHH NAA UTRAE; JAE BANNAH PURIAN BHAAR (Hunger for the Gospel is never satisfied). So, When Christ Jesus was alive, then the Labourers of God called Royal Priests or simply Preachers would ask Him for advice or question and used to get the answer. That is why Christ Jesus gave the analogy that when a baby is to be born, mother is in great pain but as soon the new born baby cries for milk, and she forgets all her suffering in joy. Same after the appointed by men death of Jesus, we need to exercise our logical reasoning power to seek Gospel Treasures and as soon as we Find them, then we forget the suffering through which our anointed Elder Brother went through to give us the ecstasy of Gospel of our Father, Whose Royal Kingdom, we inherit. As stressed by Christ Paul, inheritance is to the sons of our Father and not to the spiritually blind slaves of the Rabbis. So, in order to be the sons of our Father God, we need to adopt holy spirit, which is common sense, as our Personal Teacher that being of the Royal Kingdom of Holy Spirit, our Mother, you cannot see but perceive. That is in Christianity, no one can stand between man and God but holy spirit. Gospel is for all of us whether we are male or female, brown or black, etc.

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