The depictions on and around the pyramids of Giza

  • Uploaded by Gazelem on Sep 18, 2011
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When you see this you may want to rethink the giza pyramid questions of who? how? and why? because J.C, EL and GOD are written there, and this video is the proof of my claim. The crops and cut outs in this video are used as an example of the many different depictions that can be found all over the pyramids area, they are there as you will see with your own eyes.

The upper casing stones of the middle pyramid reveal characters depicted there in colour, and they seem to show a human-looking character of royal or maybe divine appearance, that may be a depiction of Jesus, especially with the letters J.C seen nearby, and at other angles also. The last image of the video shows a character again similar to J.C and has the letters J.C in front of and slightly below the face of the character in 2 big letters.

if you view another one of my videos of a star in the heavens that i filmed several months ago and posted recently as a video under the title (A star of EL 3), you will notice a similar pattern in that, aswell as the stars depicting fantastic scenes that reveal J.C they also are host to the very same names i see depicted upon and around these pyramids on earth, EL GOD and J.C. It would seem that he that built the pyramids knew of the depictions in the stars, and the names seen there.

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