Punjabi:-Ram Rajayae stands for the Royal Kingdom

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Punjabi:-Ram Rajayae stands for the Royal Kingdom of our Father within our hearts. People calling themselves Sikhs because of the turbam and beard are fanatics whilst the True Sikhs who understand Gospel, DHUR KI BAANI, through logical reasoning are very very rare indeed. They are one in a Million. Christ Thomas said one in a thousand and two in ten thousands. So, Christianity and Sikhism are not that cheap as the Mammon loving sons of Satan are promoting of forms and appearances. Sikh stand for a student of spiritual knowledge who has Satguru or Christ within his heart. Such a Sikh carries His Living Temple of God with him and when he speaks, then he speaks Gospel Truth as received throuigh revelations or logical reasoning. Gospel is called DHUR KI BAANI in Punjabi and it cannot be written down in ink on paper as the Scriptures are written by men and they are called Letters or the moral laws. I have written a Book in Punjabi on this topic and I would like to revise it as I have discovered new things. Any help? Some copies of the first edition are available here and in India. People are afraid to distribute as the fanatics do not like the photo of Ganesh on the front cover - NO SHARM NO DHARM or no shame or conscience no Faith. Fanatics being Empty of the spiritual knowledge make much noise than those who have the knowledge of His Word. Fanatics are Tares that fight and kill each other whilst the learned ones, Wheat Plants planted by our heaveny father Yahweh or Brahma, enjoy the great Pleasure of Knowledge. RAAM SATT.

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