Notice anything Wrong? 2 (Zionism +no music)

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Sep 19, 2011
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I hope this can wake people up who usually laugh at conspiracy.

Germans who warned of the 3rd reich were passed off as alarmist. The public have been led by the nose, duped by lies.

Do we need a space force?

The scenes with Israel attacking Gaza are from a trailer called "Tears of Gaza"

There is something very wrong. Notice anything familiar? Do not give into fear that is exactly what this system wants.

From my experience, and the reason why I stopped playing video games several years ago, was because video games desensitize people to violence. There is nothing sane about war.

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Take action the Empire does not need to take over everyone's lives. The empire is the global government Stephen Harper talked about when he said it was a loss of national sovereignty. Stop feeding the beast don't pay income taxes, what law says you need to pay income taxes? Income taxes support illegal wars and goes to the international monetary fund (American bank racketeering and extorting countries around the world)

Legalizing marijuana/hemp will bring remedy to the situation. Reich literally means wealth. The war on drugs was created to engage in war against those opposing unjust wars! Hemp will sustain communities and civilization around the world it provides 1800 gallons of ethanol per acre, a lot more than any other alternatives being used. Hemp is an efficient crop that uses less energy. Energy companies, big pharma, just want to keep making profits, that is why hemp is illegal.

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