How to develop the Taste for Gospel that is receiv

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How to develop the Taste for Gospel that is received through Revelations? Gospel is learnt by an individual when he thinks logically or he is capable of reasoning. No logical reasoning; no Gospel but the dead Letters for the dead in spirit once-born people. So, once you acquire Gospel, then you develop taste for more refreshening Blood of Christ. This is called Christ in your heart as of the born blind person of John9 outpoured Gospel from his own heart when the Pharisees asked him silly questions in context of the letters of the Books. So, please cleans your heart of hypocrisy so that Christ Jesus could enter your heart to take control of your life and employs you in the Vineyard of our Father as a Labourer. More you preach Gospel, more is given to you to prune the branches that do not bear fruit. This pruning is the job of Christ in your heart. Once you have Christ in your heart, then you will Preach Gospel with authority that would shake the very False foundation in Letters of the University Professors, the modern Pharisees.

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