New T-shirt Design 4:- They are Lamps of the Lamps

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New T-shirt Design 4:- They are Lamps of the Lampstands so people know you.
I have produced Five Designs making improvement on the previous. They stress different aspects of Gospel from the Mission of John, the Baptist to the finishing touch by Christ Jesus. Messianic Jews killed the Light by throwing the Labourers of Jesus before the hungry lions. How those hypocrite Messianic Jews watched the show is known by the Fruit it bore. The Fruit was when a Blind Guide leads the Blind, they fall into the Pits of Holocausts. So, no one is to be blamed for the death of these unfaithful to Abraham antisemitic Jews than they themselves for killing the Light of Christ Jesus.
Satguru = Christ Nanak Dev Ji was the Second Coming of Christ Jesus but the Khatris of the Punjab are much worst than the people of Judah tribe.

More in my other Videos please.

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