Vitamin Cannabis part 7 What Is Phoenix Tears

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Though this section may end up being supplemental to the Vitamin Cannabis finished film, I felt information contained within this part may be needed, as we have received numerous e-mails from people using the medicine from across the globe. 60 grams in 60 days is quite a feat, but once its done- the results are amazing. I hope this info helps some out there who are trying the tears. As of July 1st 2011, we are only legally allowed to produce the oil for ourselves. We were not able to jump through the hoops, nor afford the fees, to "Go Legal." Some teams made it through, though, and products very, very similiar to phoenix tears are available at good wellness centers in Colorado, and all taxes are paid, and it's legal to red card holding Medical Marijuana patients in our state- and that is fantastic- and we are proud. Patients in California and Colorado have it lucky- retail sales of Phoenix Tears like medication- the rest of the world is soon to follow- we hope. In the meantime- we will continue to provide information, and we are thankful for the opportunity to continue getting the message out there. We also look forward to voting for a legalization initiative on the ballot in Colorado in 2012. It's not too late to move here and vote for freedom in 2012. Contact me at Best of luck to all those out there-keep the faith-Capn
Additional notes- there are many cannabinoids that should be somewhat present in the oil- but not all can be tested for- so as more info becomes available we will update. An indica strain is the best one to use- with high CBD as well as THC. Testing results are released in Colorado through and other labs websites as well. These are awesome resources to find out who has what in the state, where you can then legally purchase it. Never thought I'd see that..:-)

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