NYPD Throws Man Over Fence Onto His Head

  • Uploaded by Kanaeta on Sep 25, 2011
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NYC cops step up their indiscriminate use of force against peaceful Occupy Wall Street protestors and throw this man over a fence. Rumor has it, he has a concussion.

THIS SHOULD HAVE EVERY AMERICAN ANGRY AND FED UP WITH THE POLICE BRUTALITY in this Country. No wonder China laughs when Hillary accuses China of Human Rights abuses.

If we don't stand up and make the police WE PAY FOR accountable to us, the abuse will get worse and worse and worse.

We were given a warning from the NYPD today.

We are no longer a free country. They said so with their actions.


Protest Blues

I can't imagine how it must feel
to awake, eat breakfast
and dawn the uniform blue,
knowing tens of thousands of protestors
are waiting downtown for you.

Arresting fellow citizens
with whom you disagree
may be easier
than arresting those
you feel are being true.

In any case, civil unrest
is always a mess.

America! Please, God Bless.

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