Gospel cannot be Written down in ink on paper but

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Gospel cannot be Written down in ink on paper but over the Tablets of living heart -2. WHAT IS GURBAANI AND WHY IT CANNOT BE WRITTEN DOWN IN INK ON PAPER?
This is a simple question and so is the simple answer if you are living in spirit. GURBAANI has two elements; GUR = Formula to solve a problem through Logical reasoning and BAANI = Gospel that is the extract of logical reasoning Proclaimed. So, not everyone is capable of logical reasoning except those who are twice-born of holy spirit or SURTI in Punjabi. Satguru Nanak Dev Ji, the enlightener of SATT or Gospel Truth was the Second coming of Christ Jesus. Christ in Punjabi stands for Satguru. Gurus in Punjabi are the mother, father and the Brahmin, who impart moral education like a school teacher and he has been defined by Christ Jesus in Matt.13.52 as the Owner of a House, Synagogue or Mandir built by human hands to install this Rabbi or Brahmin. So, Brahmin teaches the moral education pertaining to Adam, who was a Noble man and it is his nobility that a Rabbi or Brahmin passes on the tribal people who establish their covenants with their tribal elders and become salts of earth. In Punjabi Gurbaani, a Brahmin is defined as the representative of Brahm or Yahweh. BRAHMIN OH JO BRAHM BINDE (SEED) HOWAE. That is a Brahmin is the son of Man as in Christ Jesus and Nanak, we are the sons of Most High Father God. Brahmins are Priests of Adam and we are the Royal Priests of our Father God. Moral laws are formulated by the sons of Man and their roots are in GURBAANI or Gospel. That is why at the age of 12, our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus engaged the Temple Rabbis or the Doctors of Laws explaining to them the basis of the moral laws. In the Middle East, this link or covenant is established with Abraham who was a Righteousness Noble man that he being in God and God in Him, he would not swear by the name of our Father but by his own name. That is in Christ Jesus, we are no more slaves to the sins but to the righteousness and anyone who is righteous and being in God never swear by the name of our Father as they do in the law courts where the laws of Adam are excerised and nothing to do with God but by himself. Such is the standard Christ Jesus came to establish when the hypocrite Rabbis, Pharisees, etc were swearing in the name of God for nothing as they were worshipping Mammon. Thus, in Jesus it is the transgression against the holy spirit that matters and it is hypocrisy best known to the Rabbis and the wisemen blessed with holy ghost or sealed to serve God expose them. Village Rabbis, especially of the Gentile villages knew this hypocrisy and they dissociated themselves of the Temple Priests. No wonder the product of the Gentile village Rabbis is reflected in their Fruits such as the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person and the Samaritan woman at the well who vetted Christ Jesus in spirit and proclaimed that He is a Prophet. No wonder the Crook Temple Priests were hating the Samaritans and their Righteous and out-spoken Rabbis. Jerusalem Rabbis had forbidden their Disciples not to enter into the Samaritan Villages in case they too become Philanthropists hating to fleece the simpletons or Goyeshi Koppas, the Gentile. Thus, there was very little disparity between the rich fleecers and the poor in the Samaritan villages against in the Jewish villages where they misused the poor people as cheap labour. So, the Samaritan villagers being of cleaner hearts were child-like open-hearted people and they through discussions, brewed the New Wine, the Gospel or GURBAANI. Thus, GURBAANI or Gospel cannot be written down in ink on paper but over the living Tablets of living in spirit hearts or in simple words, Gospel is received through revelations to the pre-destined twice-born people. So, better form Fellowships in Christ Jesus where every one should engage in discussion. They should be introduced to the first basic Principles those you can acquire if you dare to know what is seen or the world of Adam and Eve. Then, you would be sensible enough to know our spiritual Parents God, our Father and Holy Spirit as our Mother who Feeds us the Daily Bread. This is the Golden Age of Gospel to earn the Treasures of our Father called Fishing Men. Our Father God blesses you.

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