Oxford Theologians do not know who created Adam an

  • Uploaded by Nijjhar on Sep 29, 2011
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Oxford Theologians do not know who created Adam and Eve, the two fleshes? I go to Oxford University open to public lectures and ask them very simple questions but as they have not learnt the subject in spirit but by the Book Letters, they have no confidence even to answer the very simple questions such as who created Adam and Eve? A speaker stressing upon logic could not think logically that what is born of Spirit is spirit that you cannot see but perceive whilst of the Flesh in Adam, you can see both male and female or the mythological Adam and Eve. These are the University Professors who become authorities on theological issues. The Second anointed Christ = Satguru Nanak Dev Ji called such fake theologians Super Donkeys carrying holy Books. So, please carry on glorifying our Father God in honour of our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus. More you Preach Gospel; more is given to you.

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