1 Near Earth Asteroid=20 Trillion $ USD

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Peter Diamand paraphrased John Lewis at the 2006 International Space Development Conference when he exclaimed, “There are twenty-trillion-dollar checks up there, waiting to be cashed!” This $20 trillion figure is based on Lewis’s calculations of how much a metallic asteroid (3554 Amun) would be worth if it was sold at current market prices. Lewis notes that about a quarter of the mass in the near-Earth asteroid population is water,

Some near earth asteroids contain up to 20 Trillion $ in USD. There are practically an infinite number of asteroids in the universe, the universe is always creating new star systems. There are so many resources.

I also show NASA STS-80 a UFO formation hovering over a thunderstorm in Africa.

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Bill Gates spends millions investing into toxic genetically modified corn to grow ethanol, when hemp produces 6-10 times more ethanol per acre in comparison, and is a lot less energy intensive.



Flying through an asteroid field (Blender 2.5 render)

Ship + Asteroids Test # 3



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