Punjabi - Stupid Theologians do not know who creat

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Punjabi - Stupid Theologians do not know who created Adam and Eve? Very Basic. If you do not know what you see with your two naked eyes of Nature, then how would you know the Royal Kingdom of God that is hidden and approached through logical reasoning that leads to revelations called Logos or His Word.

Brahma, the demiurge god of Nature full of ego and jealousy created Adam and Eve. Brahama is the same as Yahweh and Brahmin = Cohen, a Profession and not a tribe. Levi tribe people in the Middle East do the job of Cohen whilst quite a few tribal people of India such as Gaur, Sarsut, Mohiyal, etc.
Brahmins themselves do not know their tribal identity. Brahmin is not a tribe but profession.

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