Tripoli in the hell of violence and fear

  • Uploaded by Velesmyst on Sep 30, 2011
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Libyan rebels would not be able to maintain order in the Libyan capital. According to eyewitnesses, each day in Tripoli, there are public executions of people who were suspected of supporting the government. According to BBC correspondent Ian Pannella, the rebels are beaten and raped by their opponents. This happens to be with their families. Special acts of violence are black - racism has become a calling card of the rebels, who are Arabs.
On this video driver and all passengers were beaten up by a car because the windshield the car was not symbols of the National Transitional Council (NPC) and the people in the car were suspected of sympathizing with Gaddafi. In comments to the video, many Web users are asked ironically, this is really the democracy that brought NATO countries in the once prosperous and secure Tripoli?

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