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5 Near Earth Asteroids=100 Trillion $ (USD)

  • Uploaded by Myleso on Oct 1, 2011
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Some near earth asteroids contain up to 20 Trillion $ in USD. 500 large Near Earth Asteroids at $10 Trillion $ each is 5000 Trillion. 20,000 mid sized asteroids valued at 250 Billion is 5000 Trillion. There are practically an infinite number of asteroids in the universe, in fact this solar system is small compared to the really large solar systems, the universe is always creating new star systems.

Bill Gates spends millions investing into toxic genetically modified corn to grow ethanol, when hemp produces 6-10 times more ethanol per acre in comparison, and is a lot less energy intensive. Bill Gates is selling the global warming hoax to the public.

I don't want rocket fuel in the organic food I buy do you?

Check out my free documentary Antimatter: The Future is Now, and I provide sources as well. (640x360 Resolution) (HD 1280x720 Resolution)

Epic Quantities of Water in Interstellar Space

Astronomers now estimate there are roughly 19,500 mid-size near-Earth asteroids.

Flying through an asteroid field (Blender 2.5 render)

Ship + Asteroids Test # 3

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